5 Year AARP Membership Cost: How Much to Join?

How much is a 5 year AARP membership
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AARP Membership Costs

When it comes to retirement planning, AARP is a great resource for seniors. However, before you can take advantage of their valuable resources and discounts, you’ll need to become a member. One of the most common questions people have before becoming an AARP member is “How much does a 5 year AARP membership cost?”

Annual Membership Cost

The cost of an annual AARP membership is $16, which includes a spouse or partner membership for free. This means that you and your partner can both become members for just $16. You’ll also receive instant access to a wide range of benefits and discounted services.

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5-Year Membership Cost

If you want to extend your membership time and save money, you can purchase a 5-year membership for $63. That means you’re only paying $12.60 per year, which is a 21% savings compared to the annual membership cost. The 5-year membership also includes a free membership for your spouse or partner. That means you’re getting two memberships for the price of one, which is a great deal.

AARP Benefits

Now that you know the membership cost, you may be wondering what the benefits are of being an AARP member. Here are a few highlights:

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  • Discounts: AARP members can save money on travel, dining, entertainment, and more. Hotels, car rentals, and tours are a few examples of discounted services.
  • Life insurance: Members can access life insurance policies that are only available through AARP.
  • Health and wellness: Members can take advantage of exclusive health and wellness resources, such as Medicare advice and fitness programs.
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Becoming an AARP member is a wise investment for seniors who want to save money and access valuable resources. The cost of a 5-year membership is just $63, which is a great deal considering the benefits you’ll receive. If you’re interested in becoming a member, visit the AARP website to sign up or learn more.

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