Is MEXC Required to Report to the IRS?

Does MEXC report to IRS
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If you are a cryptocurrency trader or hold any crypto assets, you might be wondering whether you need to pay taxes on your assets and report them to the IRS. In this article, we are going to discuss if MEXC, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, reports to the IRS.

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As you might know, the IRS considers cryptocurrencies as property and requires taxpayers to report any transactions involving virtual currencies on their tax returns. Failure to do so can result in penalties and fines.

So, if you are a MEXC user, you might be wondering if the exchange reports your transactions to the IRS.

MEXC's Stance

According to MEXC, they comply with all the regulations and laws in the jurisdictions they operate in. They state that they provide their users with the necessary tools and information to help them comply with their tax obligations.

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What MEXC Provides

  • Trading History Report
  • Deposit and Withdrawal History Report
  • API Access

These reports and tools can help you calculate your gains and losses and report them accurately to the IRS. However, it is important to note that ultimately, it is your responsibility as a taxpayer to comply with the tax laws.


In conclusion, MEXC does not directly report your transactions to the IRS, but they do provide you with the necessary tools and information to comply with your tax obligations. As a responsible taxpayer, it is important to keep track of your transactions and report them accurately to the IRS to avoid any penalties or fines.

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