Exploring the Benefits: What AARP Does for Seniors

What does AARP do for seniors

As individuals reach their senior years, they want to ensure that they can enjoy retirement without having to worry about their financial and healthcare needs. This is where AARP, American Association of Retired Persons, comes in. AARP is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping seniors lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

What is AARP

AARP was founded in 1958 and has since become the largest organization for seniors in the United States, with over 38 million members. This non-profit organization provides a wide range of services and benefits for seniors, including advocacy, educational resources, healthcare options, and more.

Advocacy for Seniors

One of the most important things that AARP does is advocate for seniors. AARP works with federal and state legislatures to promote laws and policies that benefit seniors. For instance, AARP has pushed for healthcare reform to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for seniors.

Resources for Seniors

AARP offers various resources to help seniors navigate the challenges of aging. These resources include:

  • Money Management Tips: AARP offers advice on how seniors can manage their money well and avoid financial scams.
  • Caregiver Resources: AARP provides resources for individuals who care for elderly loved ones, including stress management tips and financial assistance options.
  • Job Search Assistance: AARP offers job search assistance for seniors who may be looking for employment or a new career.

Healthcare for Seniors

AARP also offers healthcare options for seniors. These options include:

  1. Medicare Plans: AARP partners with UnitedHealthcare to offer Medicare plans to seniors. These plans provide additional benefits, such as vision and hearing coverage, that aren't covered by traditional Medicare.
  2. Prescription Drug Coverage: AARP also offers Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage to help seniors pay for their medication.
  3. Health and Wellness Tools: AARP provides various tools and resources for seniors to maintain good health and wellness, including online health calculators and fitness programs.
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AARP is an important organization that helps seniors live a better life. From advocacy to resources to healthcare, AARP offers a variety of services and benefits to seniors. If you or a loved one is a senior, consider becoming a member of AARP to take advantage of these benefits.

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